Areas of our activity:


Support to those from the education and science sector in Belarus who are repressed or in danger of being repressed.

What are we doing?

  • We help to advocate for Belarusian students, scientists, professors and teachers who emigrated for political reasons;
  • We seek international support for those engaged in the education and science sector who are repressed or in danger of being repressed; 
  • We initiate special grant programmes for different groups of those repressed or in danger of being repressed;
  •  We provide information on the global opportunities for further studies and academic careers;
  •  We promote the internationalization of independent Belarusian science.

Our team is pursuing these targets in cooperation with Chestny Universitet/Honest University, ZBS Union/Association of Belarusian Students, Moladzeva Rada/Youth Council, Moladzevy Hub/Youth Hub (Warsaw), Belarusian Student Support Association and other independent organizations involved in supporting those from the education and science sector in Belarus who are repressed or in danger of being repressed.


Preparation for the education system reform in Belarus.

What are we doing?

  • we increase the civil society awareness of the need to reform the education system in Belarus; 
  • we promote inclusive public debate about the goals, values and priorities of the future reform;
  • we facilitate the ability to build consensus on the education reform among different experts and other interest groups;
  • we develop procedures for and formal approach to the implementation of education reform in democratic Belarus;
  • we inform various social groups on the education policies and educational innovations in today’s world.

In pursuing these targets, the OST education and science team is willing to cooperate with any independent Belarusian initiatives and organizations handling education-related issues. Our partners include the Bank IdeiIdeas Bank, Belarusian Expert Community Platform, EuroBelarus International Public Organization,  Belarusian Education on the Road to Change Programme, Education office for new Belarus, the European Humanities University and the Free Belarus University.