Belarusian media on education and science

Helping the repressed representatives of the education and science sector.

Promoting the internationalization of Belarusian science. 

Discussing what education reform Belarus needs.


Global opportunities for students, teachers and scientists:

For more opportunities across the world, please, see the new issue of the digest.


focuses on the topical events and initiatives in the field of education and science. The Digest gives coverage to a variety of issues in this sphere, including information on repressions and the policies of the regime, on the one hand, and updates on new international opportunities and important independent projects, on the other hand. The Digest is primarily targeted at those engaged in the education and science sector, including college students. However, it will also be of interest to a broader audience.

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PISA 2018: анализ результатов и рекомендации для системы образования Республики Беларусь. 

Татьяна Щитцова — поддержка репрессированных, реформа образования в Беларуси, Офис Тихановской.

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